Introducing the World’s Ultimate White Christmas Laser Light Projector

Finally, the wait is over! The Spectrum White laser light projector with 7 Color Options is the perfect solution if you’ve ever wanted to adorn your home with classy white lights without having to use ladders to hang string lights.

Homeowners have requested a white laser light since since the first household laser light projector was introduced in the early 2000s. White laser lights were only practical for theme parks and concert venues due to the high expense of creating white laser beams. White laser lights have proved too expensive to market commercially.

With the introduction of the Spectrum White Laser Light, everything has changed. Finally, consumers may purchase a white laser light for a reasonable price!

We’re giving you a sneak peek at the Spectrum White Laser Light, a “game-changing” way to decorate for the holidays and other occasions with a pure white starfield and your choice of six other colors!

The White Laser Light by Spectrum features a Bluetooth speaker and seven full spectrum colors.

Lighting designers and producers have been attempting to develop a white laser light for many years. With their “SL-47 White Laser Light” pure white laser light projector for a distinctive display indoors and out, the Spectrum Laser Lights Company has finally brought it to life after years in the making and countless (failed) tries!

Features Spectrum didn’t only stop with the invention of the white laser light. This projector is the best white Christmas light projector since it is loaded with fantastic features.


The Spectrum White Laser Projector offers a large pure white starfield in addition to six other colors. By turning on the Red, Green, and Blue lasers at the same time, the White laser color is produced. These three laser colors are combined to produce the white laser. With the RF remote control that comes with the lights, you can fully regulate the lighting’s color and whether or not there are static (non-moving) or dynamic (moving) laser points. The intelliboard contains built-in timer features that let you set the laser projector to switch off automatically after 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours, respectively. Additionally, it can be set to activate automatically at the same intervals. For a distinctive show that is guaranteed to impress, the random function entirely randomizes the pace, color, and effect.

This projector has a 3,000 square foot maximum coverage. The white laser dots will appear denser and cover less space the closer you position the projector to an object. By choosing where to set the projector, you may manage this. Whether that is directed at the ceiling inside or the outside of your home.

Building & Design
The White Laser Light projector is a premium item from the Spectrum Laser and Lights line that is made to last for delight. It’s waterpoof to use this projector. Because it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can sync the laser light show to your music.

The projector is ideal for decorative illumination both inside and outside. A ground stake and screw/anchor set (wall or tree mount – horizontal) for anchoring outdoor surfaces to the ground are included in the box. Additionally, it comes with an RF remote control and AA starting batteries.

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