Top 9 things to know when ordering custom bobbleheads from photo

Each personalised bobblehead is a unique gift that should be cherished always! Wouldn’t you like having a tiny replica of oneself as a souvenir? Why not give your loved ones a special present for their birthday? Custom bobbleheads from a photo give you total control over the creation of your one-of-a-kind present.

To produce high-quality presents, each custom bobblehead website has its own set of guidelines that must be followed. Here are some instructions for customers who want to order their own bobblehead or something for a buddy. Here are a few advantages of obtaining totally customised bobbleheads, though, before we move on.

Features and Benefits of Online Bobblehead Ordering

Due to the fact that you can place orders from the comfort of your home, the online purchase process is pretty straightforward.
You have a variety of styles and themes to choose from.
The requested accessories, such as earrings, glasses, nose pins, necklaces, etc., are also included in your custom bobbleheads from photos.
Email and SMS confirmations of your transaction are sent.
The produced personalised bobbleheads are constructed of poly-resin at an inexpensive price. After baking, it is stronger than true ceramic and is simple to mould.
Observations to make when purchasing customised bobbleheads from photos

Upload HD images at all times:

The result for amusing personalised bobbleheads is better the higher the picture’s resolution. High-quality images are necessary to produce the ideal product with the correct textures for your eyes, nose, or even wrinkles.

Select a bobblehead with a normal body or a fully customised one:

Now, there is a distinction between fully customised bobbleheads and those with a standard body. Customers can totally personalise every aspect of the fully customised variants. The normal body variants, however, let you modify the existing cloth colours to customise simply the head.

Custom bobbleheads’ materials include:

Now, be sure to enquire about the material used before placing your custom couple bobblehead order. High-quality polyresin is used by dependable businesses like Yes Bobbleheads since it is extremely long-lasting and sturdy. The use of polyresin makes it possible for the end product to have exquisite detail. But this procedure and this substance demand commitment and effort.

Many businesses employ clay, a fragile crafting material, to reduce the time needed for creation. So be sure to search for businesses that specialise in polyresin-based bobbleheads.


Most businesses, like Yes Bobbleheads, have pre-established standards and rules for size. Custom bobbleheads made from photos often range in size from 5 to 7 inches. However, you may also get reasonably priced personalised bobbleheads that come in a variety of sizes. Such bobbleheads’ delivery times may differ from those indicated.

Worldwide Shipping:

Be careful to read the company’s shipping policy if you intend to order your personalised bobbleheads over international waters. The majority of bobblehead manufacturers offer international shipping. However, it may differ based on the total value of your order.

Cancellation, refunds, and returns:

There may be times when your product falls short of expectations. In such circumstances, be sure to contact the customer service representative to request returns or refunds. Reputable businesses always make sure the goods you receive are of the highest quality and don’t degrade while being shipped. To guarantee that any such incidents can be dealt with easily, it is essential that you read through their policies.

Investigate discounts

Custom bobblehead businesses frequently provide incredible discounts in an effort to keep their current clientele and draw in new ones. More people take advantage of these reductions throughout the holiday season or on special occasions. So, to receive timely details on upcoming discounts, check the website sometimes or sign up for the newsletter.

Customer evaluations

Be sure to read the user reviews before getting your unique couple bobbleheads. This will provide you a clear picture of the things you received, their quality, shipment timeline, and general level of service. Before purchasing your bobblehead, make sure you have read adequate reviews.

Design modifications:

Before bringing your personalised bobblehead to your door, the majority of producers will provide you a picture or video of the finished item. However, if you’re not happy with the result, you can request modifications or revisions. When placing your order, make sure to inquire about the total number of modifications that are permitted.

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